Welcome to iVirtual League Academy, a public, tuition-free, full time virtual school program for students grades K-12 in Osceola County, FL. iVirtual League Academy is the first unique virtual school that has become part of Charter Schools USA, one of the oldest and fastest growing education management companies in the nation. We firmly believe that every student, given time, flexibility, support, and quality curriculum can learn and be successful!

While we are proud of our accomplishments and awards, our greatest is gaining a 95% plus satisfaction rate from parents, while achieving a district “A” academic average for the last 6 years from the Department of Education.

Are you considering the school choices for your student, or have you thought about going to school from the comfort of your own home? iVirtual League Academy is a convenient choice to online education with all the benefits of staying in the CSUSA family network. 

Our virtual school is open for students grades K-12 in Osceola and offers highly qualified teachers, curriculum, access to materials, discussions, and help 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. We are one of the only hybrids in the state that offers a highly flexible school schedule while removing seclusion from online education by opening channels of communication with teachers, students, and guidance counselors through our traditional services from our state of the art student-learning center conveniently located in Osceola County, FL.

Begin your work toward an innovative and cutting edge education in our K-8 program and progress to the flexible and unique options for a State of Florida High School diploma, by filling out an application and speaking to your own personal student-learning advocate today. 

iVirtual League Academy     |    5125 Robert McLane Blvd. , Kissimmee, Florida 34758      Phone: 407-520-5002 or 407-569-0639 ext. 1132